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Panthenol is a brand used by our grandparents, our parents, and now we use it too. This year the brand celebrates the 75-th birthday and on that occasion, Galenika "tailored" a new design for this product line, whose fresh colors give a completely different charm to the product.

It is a redesign of the Panthenol cream, Panthenol ointment, Panthenol solution and the Panthenol Oriblet with vitamin C, while the formula and the quality remain unchanged.

Therefore, in the next few weeks, together with our dear friends, we will remind you of this, very close to us, brand by sharing their personal experiences with the products they use every day.

You can find all the posts on our Instagram profile @chapter4_mkd or by searching the following hashtags: #Panthenol #KojeJeBojeTvojPanthenol #galenika #quality #nega