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The company Hypomed - medical equipment Skopje donated medical devices and equipment to several hospitals in Macedonia that will facilitate the treatment of patients with Covid 19. The equipment has already been delivered to health facilities and is operational.

The donation consists of oxygen therapy regulators, pulse oximeters, disinfection columns, a vein recognition device, and rapid puncture in young children and oxygen hoods. "This donation is only part of the series with which Hippomed will support medical institutions. We are aware that even in these moments, any help is a serious support for the clinics that are under constant pressure from the pandemic. We hope that with this activity we will ease the burden a little and that this will be an incentive for other companies to show their humanity and help face this situation. In our opinion, there is no more important thing than human health," said the team of Hippomed medical equipment.

The total value of the donation is around 6,000 euros.