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fia chalenge

The Business Accelerator UKIM and the Auto-Moto Association of Macedonia are taking you to the FIA ​​Region I Start-up Challenge . The challenge is open for all start-up companies that have or can offer a creative idea or solution in one of the following areas:

1) How can mobility clubs improve and innovate car use in the future?

2) How the clubs can offer the best mobility solutions to their members?

3) How can the mobility clubs make people's lives easier outside of their cars?

During 2021, participants will have numerous opportunities to present their ideas to FIA Region I network mobility club experts, business development managers and decision makers.

FIA Region I includes mobility clubs from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The first FIA Region I start-up challenge attracted 67 applicants from different countries. Of these, 12 applicants were shortlisted. These 12 selected applicants connected with more than 50 experts for business development of the clubs, through presentations, one-on-one meetings, panel discussions, debates, thematic discussions and the like. Three (3) finalists presented their work at the FIA ​​Annual General Meeting in Paris.