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Caravan for green economy, yesterday, toured the Skopje region, organized by the regional project "Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy", funded by the EU. The caravan, which was attended by more than 30 representatives of civil society organizations, made several stops in the Skopje area to introduce participants to examples of green entrepreneurship.

The first stop was in the municipality of Sopishte between the village of Nova Breznica and the dam Kozjak in the place Rudina, where the Caravan visited the API Chambers of the beekeeper Gjorgi Zlatinov. In the API chambers are placed beehives, from which the air is inhaled, ie royal jelly, pollen, nectar, propolis, perga, honey are inhaled, which have a beneficial effect on people who have respiratory problems or allergies. The second station was in the village.Jabolce where the participants of the Caravan visited the site for production of biohumus with the help of California worms. This production is organized by the Association of Citizens for Social and Economic Development In Vivo, which also promotes and develops models of social entrepreneurship and implements activities for proper inclusion of vulnerable categories of people. The caravan then continued to the Public Room where they promoted their products to the Ommo Bike Stand, which use used print ads from billboards and printed tarpaulins and convert them into bicycle bags, as well as "Edna pravi" - a social enterprise that offers high quality, organic and edible cosmetics, the sale and production of which strengthens single mothers from the organization "One Can".