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The technology inevitably makes life easier and improves the quality of life. It penetrates more and more into every pore of our lives. The information that the Japanese (and who else would it be !?) invented a toothbrush for which you do not need toothpaste was really surprising. Simply use with water only. But it is not surprising that it is already present on the Macedonian market.

This brush can be used by even the smallest ones, after sprouting their first tooth. In itself, this means that there are no restrictions on its use for all ages. Even brushing with this brush complements all the disadvantages of poor brushing technique.

Toothbrushes from the Japanese brand Mizuha, brought to Macedonia by the company Preventa are characterized by a mineral component, ie natural ceramics or black quartz. It is "inserted" with the brush itself in the form of an extremely fine powder form, which gives the maximum effect of the recommended brushing of teeth for a duration of only 30 seconds to one minute.