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One of the priorities of the Civic Democratic Union (GDU) is to reduce the number of MPs from 120 to 90, followed by several administration reforms that should enable positive changes to reduce the unproductive spending of the central budget. That is, the party will strive to reduce the number of ministers, as well as the number of members of municipal councils and the City of Skopje.

"In a period of one to three years, the party believes that changes can be implemented that will enable Macedonia to get a functional and representative legislature in every election, but will also limit the power that the MP gets with his vote. Rationalization of the government is also necessary, ie reduction of the number of ministries, agencies and other bodies that are part of it. At the moment, they are part of the political market between the ruling party and its collaborators and are used to pay off debts for some support or loyalty. Twelve months would be enough time for the new parliament to rationalize the administration. The result will be the release of funds that can be used for capital projects that will improve the lives of all citizens in Macedonia, "said the President of the Civic Democratic Union Petar Kolev.